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Test and Certification Services

A well-conceived, properly administered maintenance program is a requirement for an efficient clean facility. The effectiveness of this maintenance program can be measured by regular testing of the facility by a Clean Room Depot technician.

A program of periodic inspection can be established on a quarterly, semi-annual basis. A customized testing program can be developed from the menu of tests presented below. Once a program has been initiated, the scheduling of on-site testing will be accomplished automatically.

The aim of the testing program is to monitor facility performance to identify significant changes in efficiency. Such changes can be addressed before they become a major problem resulting in decreased product quality or unplanned facility downtime.

During a typical certification test, the technician will identify areas of concern and make the client aware of them. Adjustments will be made as necessary to bring the room into compliance with client standards and/or other pertinent standards. Recommendations and cost estimates for procedures necessary to bring the facility into compliance will also be offered. Upon completion of the test procedure, a Certificate of Conformance and supporting test report will be submitted to the client.

Typical Test and Procedures per ISO Requirements

  • Cleanliness levels per ISO and Federal Standard 209
  • Particle size and quantity count
  • Temperature control range test
  • Humidity control range test
  • Filter pressure drop measurements
  • Air flow quantity measurements
  • Air flow velocity measurements
  • Noise level checks
  • Light level checks
  • Room pressurization