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Suspended Ceiling Softwall Clean Rooms

Another innovative approach to build any size clean isolation area without the cost and space constraints of load bearing walls or framework, is a 2″ grid system was designed to suspend from your facilities overhead steel joist by means of threaded rod & turnbuckle hardware. The unique channel connectors and spline extrusion makes field installations quick and easy without any drilling or tapping. All systems are pre-gasketing at the factory to insure a complete seal at components intersections. Its 2″ wide heavy duty aluminum construction and suspension system can safely and independently support all clean room ceiling components unlike hang wire system. Standard and custom sizes are available to fit any application.

Suspended Ceiling Softwall Clean Room


We are offer a wide variety of panel surfaces and systems to meet your specific needs including:

Width: 2 in 

Construction: Heavy Duty Aluminum

Required Cleanliness Class/ISO Certification:


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