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Ceiling and HEPA Components

CleanFlo Fan Filter Module (2)

Here’s a fan filter module designed as a nucleus to create any clean environment. Ideal for use in new clean room installations, upgrades and as a HEPA filtered source for class 100 air in many types of laminar flow systems. The lightweight aluminum construction and low profile design allows for trouble free installation even in areas with limited overhead clearance.

Slimline Lay-In Ceiling HEPA Unit (2)

Clean Room Depot ducted ceiling HEPA modules provide a low cost easy to install alternative that can create a wide range of clean room environments from class 100k to class 1. HEPA modules are designed to utilize ducted air flow from existing HVAC systems or from remote air supply blowers via 10″ or 12″ duct collars. These sturdy, low maintenance units are constructed of rigid anodized aluminum with a pleated water proof and fire retardant filter pack. The filter face is protected by a white epoxy steel grille that includes two ports for leak testing and air flow balancing. Units come ready to install into t-grid ceiling systems and are factory sealed to insure HEPA filter efficiency of 99.99% on .3 micron particles and larger.

Add Air Remote Blower Module (5)

Clean Room Depot’s add air remote blower modules are a simple and flexible solution to create any clean environment . It’s designed as a quiet and efficient system that delivers air to our ducted ceiling filter modules producing class 100 clean air. Its modular construction allows unit to either be suspended from the ceiling or placed in a remote areas assuring the lowest generated sound levels within your clean room. Utilized alone or in tandem with other modules these units can be sized to accommodate as many filters as required to meet your cleanliness specifications.

(CG-Series) Class 100 Clean Room Light Fixture (3)

Clean Room Depot’s CG 100 light fixtures are designed for use in class 100 clean rooms, biomedical labs, food processing centers, pharmaceutical labs and other critical environments. The light fixture housing and one-piece door frame are completely sealed and gasketed to protect against infiltration of particles and airborne bacteria even when relamping. The unit is sized to work with standard 1″ & 1 1/2″ and most 2″ t-grid ceilings. When installed, both door frame and housing sandwich grid system creating a double gasket seal against microscopic particulate infiltration. Fixtures are equipped with an energy saving electronic ballast and uses (4) T-8 Lamps.

(CE-Series) Class 1000-100000 Clean Room Light Fixture (3)

Clean Room Depot’s CE-Series light fixtures are designed to maintain ceiling integrity and prevent infiltration of particulate into the clean room. They’re ideal for use in class 1000, 10000 and 100000 clean room environments. Its housing is hermetically sealed and gasketed and will work with 1″ or 1 1/2″ t-grid ceiling systems. A one piece extruded lens gasket provides a dependable seal between the lens and the door frame and allows relamping without contamination to your clean room. Fixtures are equipped with an energy saving electronic ballast and use (4) T-8 lamps. The CE-Series light fixture has been manufactured to meet and exceed various clean room applications, while providing long lasting durability and aesthetic appeal.

(CT-Series) Tear-Drop Light Fixtures (3)

Clean Room Depot offers this teardrop shaped light fixture as a space saving alternative to lay-in panel fixtures. Its narrow 2″ airfoil design allows mounting below ceiling grid or framework, without disrupting laminar air flow. The totally sealed & gasketed housing prevents particle and vapor contamination in any clean room environment. Sealed knockouts located on the top and ends, enable continuous row mounting or top access. Suitable for use in class 10-100000 clean rooms, technical and biomedical labs, food processing centers, pharmaceutical labs and other critical environments.

1″-1 1/2″ & 2″ PRE-GASKETED T-GRID (3)

Clean Room Depot’s gasket seal grid system is manufactured to restrict air movement and particle infiltration between clean room and plenum spaces. Its structural integrity allows grid to safely support the weight loads of HEPA filter modules, light fixtures and ceiling tiles. Installation is simplified with a clip assembly system that requires no special tooling. Our grid systems are available in White Painted Steel (PS Series) and Anodized Aluminum (AA Series). Both feature a factory applied 1/8″ thick chemical resistant polyethylene gasket. This economical system is specifically designed for clean room use and can be configured to any size room by our design staff.

2″ Heavy Duty Suspended Ceiling System

The TB2 2″ wide heavy duty extruded grid system is designed to independently support the HEPA or ULPA filter units and other standard ceiling components which allows easy access to equipment located above the ceiling. Available in both clear anodized and powder coated white finish, the system is recommended for such application as aerospace facilities, microprocessor and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Clean Room Ceiling Tiles

Several styles available including Class 100-100000, meltaway, heavy duty access, penetrating light and amber UV ceiling tiles.

Clean Room Curtain Strips and Solid

Clean Room Depot’s Soft Wall Curtain system is a fast, easy, and economical way to help minimize cross contamination. Our multiple mounting options ensure a quick, & hassle free installation on ceilings, walls, doorways or existing structures. Colors available include; Transparent, White, Blue, Red, Amber Tint, Grey, Black, Tan, Smoke.