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Clean Room Furniture

Clean Room Chairs (3)

Clean Room Depot introduces its full line of high-tech seating designed to meet the most stringent clean room and static control standards, while featuring comfortable, ergonomic styling and chrome plated finishes. Choose from our wide variety of seating suited for use in class 10-100000 environments.

Clean Room Freestanding Gowning (6)

These racks are designed for efficient storage of garments in or outside the clean room. Racks are available in two standard finishes. Chrome plated steel for those less demanding environments, and stainless steel for more critical areas.

Clean Room Wall Mounted Tubular Gowning Rack (7)

These racks are designed for efficient storage of garments in or outside the Clean Room. Racks are available in two standard finishes. Chrome plated steel for those less demanding environments, and stainless steel for more critical areas.

Stainless Steel Clean Room Table (15)

Our SST series solid top worktables are constructed from 16-gauge type 304 stainless steel and are ideal for use in class 10-100000 Clean Rooms. Heavy-duty solid tops are reinforced with underside stainless steel cross bracing to provide a strong flat surface. The front and rear rounded bull nose edge eliminates sharp corners. Each table features flat sides for easy grouping or aligning thus conserving valuable Clean Room space. Standard table height is 30″ with 1″ adjustable feet.

Perforated Stainless Steel Clean Room Table (15)

Clean Room Depot PSST series perforated stainless steel tables provide the optimum work surface for class 1 to 100000 clean room environments. They allow laminar air to flow directly through the work surface thereby eliminating particle build up found on most solid top tables. This will cause clean air to constantly flow on parts or equipment while removing airborne contamination. The perforated top worktable is constructed of 16-gauge type 304 stainless steel with front and rear rounded bull nose edges that eliminate sharp corners for user comfort. The top has a 45% open space with 3/4″ perforated holes on 1″ staggered centers providing maximum airflow.

Heavy Duty Clean Room Tables (30)

Clean Room Depot HDT series tables are designed to support heavy equipment loads along with many table top laminar flow products. All surfaces are easy to clean, non-shedding and completely sealed for use in class 10-100000 clean room environments. The table top is constructed of 1 3/16″ high density particle board, encased with high pressure white plastic laminate. Sides are covered with a light gray shock absorbing “t” mold edging that eliminates all sharp corners & seams for user comfort. The legs and aprons are 1 1/4″ sq. 16 gauge tubular steel with an electrostatically applied baked white powder coat finish.

Clean Room Storage Cabinets (3)

The Clean Room Depot SC series cabinets are designed to provide a clean environment to store process parts, instruments, tools, wipers, gloves or other items utilized in the clean room. Its narrow profile and sloping top prevent laminar air flow disruption and particle build up. Cabinets are equipped with four easy to clean shelves that are adjustable in 1″ increments. All construction materials are non-shedding to ensure durability and long lasting aesthetic appeal.

HEPA Filtered Garment and Storage Cabinet (3)

The HEPA Filtered Garment and Storage Cabinet is designed to offer a clean environment for both garment and material storage. Dust and other particles are filtered by an integrated HEPA/blower system that provides a continuous flow of class 100 air over garments and supplies. Units are constructed of 3/4″ non-shedding melamine board sealed with heavy-duty white plastic laminate. For proper airflow, our chrome plated hardware and perforated steel shelves are used to ensure clean room compatibility. You may easily store twenty garments in a cabinet and the four shelves, adjustable in 1″ increments, provide ample storage space for parts, tools, and other materials.

Enjoy the comfort of our GB series gowning benches during the daily garment changes clean rooms require. Our free standing or floor mounted benches are constructed of 16 gauge type 304 stainless steel. 12″ wide seats have rounded front and back edges for user comfort. Seat sides are flat and turned down on a 90° angle for alignment with walls or other benches. Unique rainbow legs allow for even distribution of weight load. Bench height is 18″ above the floor and have 1″ adjustable feet. Units are shipped knock down and are easy to assemble with provided hardware.

Clean Room Perforated Gowning Benches (6)

Our GBP series perforated gowning benches are designed for gown/ante rooms of class 1-1000k clean rooms that require increased laminar air flow. These benches utilize 3/8″ perforated holes on 1/2″ staggered centers producing 45% of open space to allow for unobstructed laminar flow. All other features are similar to our standard GB series solid top gowning benches.

Desiccator Cabinets (DC Series) (7)

The Desiccator Cabinets are specifically designed for economical dust and moist free storage to protect micro electronic devices, semiconductor wafers, optical components, and laboratory, biological and pharmaceutical applications. All units have rigid front opening doors, fabricated to eliminate warping, and include removable shelves with 1/4″ slots to circulate filtered air or inert gases. Users may introduce gases through inlets provided. Cabinets also feature closed-cell vinyl gaskets, stainless steel hardware, and are available in both clear and ultraviolet protecting amber acrylic. Custom modifications include size, number of doors; specially designed metal stands are available on special order.