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Powder Coated Steel Softwall Clean Rooms - SW Series

Clean Room Depot designed this as a portable solution to create a Class 10-100000 clean room environment without the high cost and constraints of a hard wall system. It’s affordable, reliable, energy efficient and easy to assemble as well as disassemble. The prefabricated wiring system makes electrical hook-up simple with factory wired components and leg-mounted on/off switches for lights and filters. A single point electrical hook-up or heavy duty line cord (under 15 amps) are provided, which may eliminate the need for an expensive installation.

On larger spans our exclusive Rafter/ Truss system eliminates the need for middle and internal legs, thus giving user more available space.

Twenty-five standard sizes are offered, while custom orders are usually fabricated in two weeks.

Powder Coated Softwall Clean Room


We are offer a wide variety of panel surfaces and systems to meet your specific needs including:

Width O.D.-1 Range: 52-246 in

Length O.D.-2 Range: 52-302 in

Inside Height View: 96 in

Overall Height: 106 in

Required Cleanliness Class/ISO Certification:


Your clean room can be customized using the following options and components. We also stock a full line of accessories for you.

  • ULPA Filters (class 10)
  • 5″ Heavy Duty Swivel Locking Casters
  • Anti-static Curtain Walls
  • Strip, Bi-folding and Dual-flex Doors
  • Internal or External Gown Rooms
  • 8″ High White Aluminum Fascia around Top Perimeter Room
  • Ionization Grids or Bars
  • Flow thru Lighting
  • 2″ Tubular Stainless Steel Framework
  • Comfort Cooling Package
  • Magnehelic Gauge to Measure Filter Static Pressure
  • Optional Voltage for Lights and HEPA Filters: 230 Volt/277 Volt
  • 10″ Diameter Duct on Fan Filters AC Attachment

Our Clean Room Experts are Ready to Help Specify and Quote Your Needs.