SURPLUS: Class 10,000/ISO8 - Hardwall Cleanroom Enclosure

ID Dimensions: (18’ x 50’ x 8’H) with an (8′ x 10′ x 8’H) internal gown room


Crated & Ready for Immediate Shipment & Installation


Wall Panel Frame / Ceiling System:

The Wall panel Frame system is constructed of 1/2” x 3” powder coated steel provided with a non-shedding gasket to seal ¼” clear polycarbonate wall panels. The Ceiling is a fully integrated utilizing heavy duty t-bar grid system that’s designed to support ceiling components such as HEPA Fan modules, light fixtures and ceiling tiles.

Pre- assembled Wall Panels/Door:   Wall Panels are pre-assembled at the factory and constructed ¼” clear polycarbonate sealed to frame system above and provided with a selected number of relief vents installed at bottom of panels to balance pressure/airflow in cleanroom.

Doors: (4) 3’ x 7’ doors are provided-(2) to enter/exit gown room into main cleanroom and (2) for E-egress. Doors panels are ½ Solid white at bottom and ½ clear at top.


Provided by (12) CleanFlo-4 HEPA Fan Filters (2’ x 4’) with filter efficiency 99.99% at .3 microns.  Frame and top are constructed of anodized extruded aluminum.  A Variable speed control provided to adjust airflow velocity. Magnehelic Gauges provided to monitor pressure in both gown room and main cleanroom.

Ceiling Tiles:

Tiles are non-shedding Cleanroom grade made with a washable white vinyl face.


Provided by (16) Super Seal LED clean room (2’ x4’) light fixtures-capable of producing up to 6000 lumens each. Fixture is totally sealed and gasketed to prevent infiltration from above.

Prefabricated Wiring System:

Hardwall is equipped with a modular factory installed wiring system that allows for a speedy trouble-free installation. Assembly personnel just “connect” pre-wired electrical components together and then supply power into a ceiling mounted junction box provided.

A Control box is mounted on panel framework of clean room that will feature switches to operate the Hepa filters and light fixtures.