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Cart Pass Thru (CPT 48) & Cart Pass Thru Air Shower (CPTAS 48)

Clean Room Depot has designed this system as a means to transfer materials/parts in and out of the clean room using a mobile cart. This cost efficient method not only increases product flow but eliminates the need of personnel entry into the clean room. The system comes equipped with an interlock feature that allows only one door to open at a time. This safety feature protects against both cross contamination and depressurization of the clean room. Floor mounted guide rails prevent cart from touching and damaging side walls of the pass thru. Our standard CPT48 requires no electric and has a mechanical interlock without filtration. The CPTAS48 has a sensor-activated cycle that automatically washes product with high velocity HEPA filtered air prior to material introduction into clean area. Both may be easily customized to fit your specific needs and process equipment.


  • 16 gauge stainless steel with #4 finish exterior and a 2b internal finish.
  • Mechanical interlock.
  • Floor is powder coated steel with wheel guide rails.
  • Doors are gasketed 3/8″ clear acrylic with 1/4 turn “t” handles.


Constructed of 3/4″ thick Melamine Board
U.V. Amber Acrylic Doors
1/4′ thick Safety Glass Doors
ULPA Filtration
Constant Purge HEPA Filtration
Custom Configurations
Polypropylene Construction
Required Cleanliness Class/ISO Certification


Item #
Overall Dimension A
Overall Dimension B
Inside Dimension A
Inside Dimension B
48 in
48 in
46 1/2 in
48 in
48 in
48 in
29 in
48 in
Cart Pass Thru (CPT 48) & Cart Pass Thru Air Shower (CPTAS 48)