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CleanFlo-4 Fan Filter Module

Here’s a fan filter module designed as a nucleus to create any clean environment. Ideal for use in new clean room installations, upgrades and as a HEPA filtered source for class 100 air in many types of laminar flow systems. The lightweight aluminum construction and low profile design allows for trouble free installation even in areas with limited overhead clearance. The Cleanflo-4 is equipped with a HEPA filter that is 99.99% efficient on particles 0.3 microns & larger, the disposable pre-filter prolongs the life of the HEPA filter and cuts maintenance time and cost by more than half. Its energy efficient motor is one of the best in the industry and offers adjustable air velocity levels via a standard speed control. It’s easy to see why any company can meet federal standard 209E/ISO requirements using Cleanflo-4 modules.


  • 99.99% Efficient HEPA filter @ 0.3 microns with a variable speed control to adjust air velocity
  • Corner mounted eyebolts to suspend unit independently over work areas or to meet seismic codes
  • Disposable 1″ pleated pre-filter
  • Junction box electrical connection


  • Air velocity adjustable range 50-110 F.P.M.
  • Sound level 62 DBA @ 90 F.P.M.
  • Operating Limits: Starting static pressure = 0.52″ W.G. @ 90 F.P.M.
  • Terminal Static Pressure: 1/2″ W.G.
  • All filters are PSL challenged at factory for leak testing.
  • Unit performance meets or exceeds standard as specified in federal standard 209E & IES-RP- CC002.
  • All electrical components are U.L. listed.
  • Weight: 28 Lbs – 2′ x 2′
Air Velocity
50 to 110 fpm
Sound Level @ 90 F.P.M
62 dBA
Starting Static Pressure @ 90 F.P.M.
0.52″ W.G.
Terminal Static Pressure
1/2″ W.G.
Federal Standard 209E & IES-RP-CC002
Component Listing
UL Listed
ULPA Filter
10″ Collar to Duct
Fluorescent Flow thru Light Fixture
Prefabricated Wiring Package with Remote Control Panel
Remote Magnehelic Guage
Optional Voltages in 230 V/60 Hz and 277 V/60 Hz
Pre-installed Power Cord and Plug
Required Cleanliness Class/ISO Certification


Item #
Air Velocity
23 5/8″ x 23 5/8″ x 12 1/2″ H
50 to 110 fpm
28 lbs
23 5/8″ x 47 5/8″ x 12 1/2″ H
50 to 110 fpm
55 lbs